About Us

We are an online retail store which delivers fresh certified organic fruit and vegetables straight to your door. We, ourselves have been eating organic food for near 20 years and enjoy not only the freshness and taste of the produce, but also take comfort in knowing our family is eating fresh quality food free from synthetic chemical residues. We source our stock from 'certified' organic and bio-dynamic suppliers so you can trust that the food you buy is truly organic. If we happen to stock produce from non-certified sources, such as local hobby farmers, they will be labelled accordingly. To ensure our stock is always fresh we have chosen to only supply our local community to make certain our stock is always delivered swiftly to our customers. As East Gippy Organics grows we will be able to widen our delivery scope. Please check out our delivery tab for further information. We look forward to establishing a relationship with our new customers and our suppliers.


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